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Success Stories

Mary's Story

"Mary has been working for a year, completed her first semester of college, and is applying to the nursing program at Frederick Community College."

Mary says that she came to Hope Alive "like a baby who had been delivered by the stork on Hope Alive's door step." She was lost, discontent, restless and unable to fight her way through the world alone. Teenage years spent bouncing between homes and schools and living a life full of instability caught up to Mary when she woke up one day in a hospital bed with 38 stitches and facing 22 counts of criminal charges. Three months later, after beginning a court-mandated rehabilitation program, she found out she was five months pregnant. A year later, Mary walked into Hope Alive a broken person but now finds herself in the middle of a transformation. "I've been working for one year, completed my first semester of college, and hope to be accepted into the nursing program at Frederick Community College." While she admits that becoming a young mother and facing a jail sentence at one time seemed like the end of the road for her, Mary now knows that, because of the love and support she's received, she can walk with pride, joy, and hope that she's been through the worst but made it the best.