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Who We Are


As a Christ-centered ministry, Hope Alive, Inc. will transform lives and make a lasting contribution in our community by providing an effective solution to end homelessness. We will be a model of excellence known by our Christian faith and our love for God's people in need, and a leader in innovative partnerships with community organizations.

Core Values

Faith in Christ as Lord and Savior - Our Christian faith is the foundation for life and Hope Alive ministries. We are dedicated to God and to serving others so they might know Him. Our faith moves us to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching out to women and their children in need and teaching biblical principles to help them discover God's purpose for their lives.

Love as the Key to Change - We believe in the power of Christ's love to transform lives. Our love for God and others moves us to serve His people in need. In a community of love and accountability, we instill trust, responsibility, dignity, and hope.

Excellence in Character and Service - We hold ourselves accountable to the highest moral, ethical, legal, and professional standards in our lives and in Hope Alive's Christian service to the community. We are committed to serving joyfully with integrity and truth as we continually seek God's guidance. We value, appreciate, and respect those we serve and those who labor among us.

Compassion and Justice for a Hurting World - We serve as advocates for those in need and as a catalyst for social awareness, understanding, and change. We work in partnership with the community to promote healing, hope, joy, and reconciliation among all of God's people.