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Who We Serve

Hope Alive serves women and children who are experiencing homelessness. Family homelessness is a reality in Frederick County. In order to stay off the streets, women and children are sleeping in cars, staying in motels, or living in unstable, temporary housing situations. As one of only two homeless shelters serving families in Frederick County, Hope Alive receives phone calls for services every day. Although we are providing more than 500 bed-nights per month (one bed-night = one person per bed per night), we can only meet a fraction of the need. A total of 254 unduplicated inquiries in 2008 represented a 25% increase over the previous year.

Hope Alive's adult residents must be:

  • A homeless woman at least 18 years old with custody of her minor children
  • Mentally and functionally stable
  • Able to demonstrate responsibility for the physical and mental health of self and children
  • Willing to consent to criminal background check and legal history review
  • Willing to participate in Hope Alive's program, according to the Resident Agreement and policies and procedures

Prospective residents should contact Hope Alive by phone for a brief eligibility screening; staff will schedule an intake appointment if all eligibility criteria are met. The intake process may take up to three weeks.